About Fidelus

Answering the call to greatness

Beyond skill

Our team is made up of highly skilled professionals. But that isn’t what makes Fidelus unique.

We simply have some of the best people in the business. The kind of people who you can trust. The kind of people who take pride in their work. The kind of people who get fulfilled by helping others. The kind of people that truly care about your success.

Our team doesn’t back down from a challenge, and they are always prepared to answer the call to greatness.

A Team, United

At Fidelus, we work hard to create a cohesive team united around one goal: our client’s success.

Each and every team member knows that Fidelus is only successful when our clients are successful, and we work hard to ensure that success.

When you partner with Fidelus, you get a whole team that is ready to rally and MAKE IT HAPPEN for you and your organization

Careers at Fidelus


We have a vision for Fidelus: to develop a team of independent, lifelong learners who go the extra mile to deliver excellent and effective technology solutions that build strong, long-lasting client relationships.

We aren’t in business to be mediocre or good enough. We’re here to be a one-of-a-kind partner that delivers great solutions to all of our clients.

And nothing will stop us from doing just that.


Our team

Ron Rosansky

Thorsten Buescher
President & COO

Mary Corradino
Chief People Officer

Don Harloff
Practice Manager for Project Management Office

Jeffrey McHugh
Practice Manager of Collaboration Services

Lee Cavellier
Director of Managed Services

Carolyn Shea
Adoption & Evolution Team Lead

Matt Gordon
Sales Team Lead

George Brokaw
Director of Systems Architecture

Chris Yuen
Senior Engineering Manager

Robert Johns
Director of Solutions Architecture