SD-WAN and Networking

Complete enterprise connectivity solutions


Keeping your enterprise connected is crucial to the core functions of your business. When you’re dealing with several offices, accessing multiple datacenters and cloud-based applications, and hundreds or thousands of workers, security and connectivity goes far beyond basic routing, “reliable connectivity”, and firewalls.

SD-WAN and networking services from Fidelus gives your business the security, management, connectivity, and visibility needed to get the most out of your network while maintaining a strong security posture.

Our networking solutions are built with a best-in-class design approach so that your team can remain agile and connected wherever they are. With network solutions from Fidelus, you can manage security permissions, bandwidth prioritization, application priorities and maximize your network efficacy all while having a strong network to move into the future with.

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Unify your network with SD-WAN

The old approach to developing a network required a complicated and expensive amalgamation of various hardware solutions. What you would end up with is a restrictive, expensive networking solution that doesn’t cleanly address security, resiliency, and self-healing.

That’s why Fidelus partners with Silver Peak for the delivery of our SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network) solution. With SD-WAN, all the traditional features of your network are virtualized with software. This helps reduce operating costs and increase business continuity while giving you a more robust, nimble solution that empowers a cloud workload while maintaining strong security controls and visibility.

Features of SD-WAN

  • Reduced OpEx
  • Built-in firewall
  • Resource management
  • Bandwidth control
  • App-by-app resource allocation
  • Supports a cloud workflow
  • Greater business agility
  • Ability to segment network
  • Strong, built-in security protocols


We’ve built our networking solution to increase security and network resiliency in your business. Fidelus’ SD-WAN and networking solutions give you the tools required to empower the mobility and versatility of your staff while maintaining visibility and security. Networking isn’t an either-or question for Fidelus, it’s all of the above.


Developing the right networking solution for your business has a massive impact on your positioning for the future, as more and more of your business is being done on or through the cloud. That’s why it’s important to position your network for both private data center computing cloud workloads now.

Like many other business IT solutions, networking is moving beyond your on-premise hardware stack into a software-defined future. With Silver Peak SD-WAN deployed and managed by Fidelus, you can give your business the strong, future-facing posture it needs.

Get the most out of your network

It’s time for your network to be more than connectivity. With the right solutions in place, your network can be the resource management hub of your entire enterprise.

At Fidelus, we truly believe that every business benefits from a future-proof SD-WAN networking solution. We’ve seen it work with countless businesses trying to address a variety of pain points, and more often than not SD-WAN is able to give them the solutions they need, both now and in the future.

If your business is ready to get more out of your networking solution, SD-WAN & general networking from Fidelus is the right place to start.

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