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IT solutions to empower patient care

Connect caregivers and patients

Your healthcare organization needs technology solutions that improve the caregiver-patient relationship. That technology walks a thin line in healthcare settings: it needs to make the caregiver’s job easier without shifting focus and interaction away from the patient.

That’s precisely what communications and connectivity solutions from Fidelus do.

With our unified communication solution, you can keep your staff and patients connected with seamlessly integrated softphones and united communications across all levels and locations of your organization.

With our networking solutions, we are able to maximize your network efficiency and get the most out of the resources you have.

Visibility and security are built into the very foundation of all of our solutions, ensuring you maintain HIPAA compliance across all levels.

Effective and compliant

Keeping your organization compliant is at the core of all of our solutions.

With cloud-based communications solutions from Fidelus, you can reap all of the mobility and accessibility benefits of the cloud without sacrificing security required to maintain strict compliance standards.

Networking solutions from Fidelus keep your organization connected and secure while giving you the management and visibility controls to maximize the efficiency of your network.

  • Cloud-based infrastructure with compliant security protocols
  • Connectivity and accessibility focused
  • Continuity built-in
  • Network solutions that keep organizations of every size connected
  • Resource and security management through a single pane of glass
  • Experienced support for timely remediation of issues

Possibilities to support your vision

Redefine caregiving

At Fidelus, we’re devoted to removing the hurdles that prevent you from delivering the best care you possibly can.

We know that better care and better resource allocation start with better communication. That’s why we aim to give you the bandwidth to conduct more impactful communications that get patients better care, faster while maximizing the ROI your organization can realize.

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Specialized solutions from Fidelus

beyond skill

Our team is made up of highly skilled professionals. But that isn’t what makes Fidelus unique.