How Co-Managed IT Services Can Benefit Your Enterprise

Managing the complex IT needs of a growing enterprise takes time, skill, and constant maintenance by experienced IT professionals. Co-managed IT services allow you to work with a highly skilled team of certified technicians who specialize in providing IT services for businesses, without having to expand your staff.

What are co-managed IT services?

Co-managed IT services allow you to work with an experienced technology management team, without placing all of your systems in the hands of an outside firm. Technology management experts work with your IT team to provide the knowledge, support and expertise of a highly skilled team.

They can work with you to identify which aspects of your current IT setup are best served by your in-house team, and which would be most efficiently managed by an outside firm. This allows you to have your IT systems managed by an expert provider, while still choosing how your IT services develop.

Co-managing your IT services allows your in-house team to focus on high-priority tasks and provide a rapid response to any in-house issues. Tasks such as system monitoring, server maintenance, backups, troubleshooting and cybersecurity can be provided by an outside team, allowing your IT team to develop innovative new solutions and software for your enterprise.

Why does your business need co-managed IT services?

The complicated nature of technical work, particularly in systems which may incorporate legacy software, often requires individual IT staff to work in multiple roles at once. Retaining the experts required to solve any potential issues as well as the staff to cover your everyday needs isn’t financially feasible. This results in IT staff often finding themselves overworked and expected to fill roles that they are not trained for.

Having an overstressed and understaffed IT team leads to wasted time and money. Issues arise which could have been avoided in the first place if an expert had been on hand to see the problem developing. In addition, poor communication can delay the development and application of new software solutions.

By outsourcing a section of your IT services to an outside company, you can access a range of experts on an as-needed basis instead of hiring them permanently as part of your IT staff. This can provide significant savings while providing you with the technical expertise you require.

By choosing to work with a technology management company with dedicated experience in IT services for businesses, you gain the advantage of a team who may have already experienced similar issues while working with another client’s system. The technology management team can apply the solution to your system without you having to experience the issue firsthand. This holistic form of pre-emptive problem solving removes any snags in the workflow before productivity grinds to a halt, allowing your team to prioritize in-house tasks.

Co-managed services also help keep your data secure, with backups stored in an off-site location. This means that even in the case of a complete in-house systems failure due to flood, fire, or severe technical malfunction, your system structure will be maintained and your data will remain secure. Having a technology management team providing multiple backups and virtual servers allows you to return back to normal as soon as your systems are online.

Why choose Fidelus?

At Fidelus, we are experts at managing large scale technological challenges and helping your business thrive. With over two decades of experience, we know the challenges growing enterprises can face. Our experienced IT teams can seamlessly integrate software solutions into your existing framework, removing unnecessary complications and giving your IT infrastructure the boost it needs.

Our experience also means Fidelus has an in-depth knowledge of the requirements your enterprise needs to meet in order to maintain the standards expected of a large-scale company. From secure storage of medical records to providing encrypted communications channels, Fidelus takes the burden of responsibility off your shoulders and helps you adhere to national and international standards of compliance.

Finally, Fidelus keeps your systems on the leading edge of the industry. We continue to monitor international standards, implement security fixes, and train our staff to work with the latest systems. It’s our job to find out what is required in order to keep your systems running smoothly.

Our teams are dedicated to keeping up-to-date with the latest software innovations and security updates, keeping an eye on the changing digital landscape so you don’t have to. With Fidelus managing your IT services, your team has the time and resources they need to focus on what they do best.

What services do we offer?

System monitoring

Fidelus gives you the ability to see what’s happening in your systems at a glance. Our intuitive user interface provides constant information regarding your system environment, helping you decide where to allocate resources for maximum efficiency.

Remote working

Fidelus allows you to securely access your systems on the go. With well known systems such as Cisco and Silver Peak, you can connect remotely with the confidence that your data remains private. Fidelus has the technical know-how to keep your telecommunications systems up and running smoothly, no matter where you are.

Technical support

Fidelus has a panel of qualified and experienced technicians ready to help your team at any time, day or night. Our specially designed ticketing portal ensures that your issue is directed to the relevant technician so you can get back on track as fast as possible.

User accounts

Fidelus can set up new user accounts, remove old ones, and adjust permissions in order to maintain security while still providing access to the necessary information and applications. All you need to do is let us know what you need.

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