Co-Managed Services

Enterprise-strength IT support

Empower your IT staff

Our goal is to support your team so they have the time and resources needed to focus on high priority initiatives.

Your enterprise has the highest expectations when it comes to business continuity, security, visibility, and overall efficacy. And making sure those expectations are met company-wide can require some extra hands.

Managed Services from Fidelus gives your internal IT team the extra resources they need to support your overall IT vision. With Cisco and Silver Peak communications and networking solutions supported by our highly skilled team of certified engineers, Fidelus can handle supporting the day-to-day of your communications and enterprise networking environments so your internal IT staff can focus on your organization’s overall IT strategy.

Continuity and Visibility

You have 24x7x365 business demands and your technology solutions need to meet those demands.

We’ve built our managed service offering with continuity as the foundation. Built on enterprise-class solutions, and best in class tools, the solutions themselves are highly resilient and the systems we manage are backed up and accessible from any location with the visibility to track changes and manage your enterprise-wide resources.

Our Co-Managed Services Include

  • Monitoring, event management and automation
  • Break/fix technical support
  • Vendor management & escalation
  • Configuration management
  • User and permission management
  • Client visibility and ticketing portal
  • Customized reporting and metrics

EXECUTE your strategy

The struggle for any growing enterprise is resource allocation. You need to get the most out of what you have, whether that be your staff or your budget. Our managed services are a tool to help you maximize the value of your budget while giving your internal staff more resources to ensure success.

Informed reporting

Included in our managed services offering is our user-friendly client portal. From our portal you have access to ticketing, ticket status tracking, and robust data and analytics that give you a full view of environmental status. With this reporting, you have visibility into system status at a glance.

beyond skill

Our team is made up of highly skilled professionals. But that isn’t what makes Fidelus unique.