Health Plan Provider

Needed IT Project Support & Managed IT Services for Important Call Center

The Challenge.

This metropolitan health insurance provider serves 500,000 clients with a network of offices and a busy customer service call center. Managing the IT projects, monitoring and supporting all of the call center systems, and assuring uptime for the organization’s technology infrastructure, was a challenge for the company’s small IT team. Further, they were unhappy with the quality communications and technical expertise of their in-place technology services partner.

Due to the business-critical importance of the organization’s call center operations, they require a technology provider with deep experience in unified communications and collaboration systems.

The Situation.

Helping people with their health services needs, means the organization must be focused on delivering the highest quality customer services. Three years ago, their former technology services partner was consistently failing to deliver on their commitment to fulfill the organization’s IT services requirements. The organization had to find a replacement technology partner who could deliver on their promises.

Once burnt, the organization was wary of slick sales promises that were not backed by strong and specific expertise and a track record of reliable services delivery.

The firm’s Manager of Unified Communications said, “I sought a partner who would:

  • Present the value of new technology to my management team which is not necessarily tech savvy.
  • Discuss the options from both a business and a technical perspective based upon successful experience working with companies similar to ours.
  • Be honest about the types of services they could deliver and not claim to have expertise in everything.”

“We rely on Fidelus’ expertise. They consistently go above- and-beyond to meet our needs. Fidelus’ services are absolutely the best.”

— Chief Information Officer Large Multi-Site Health Plan Provider

The Solution.

After reviewing candidates for a new technology services partner, the organization chose Fidelus to replace their existing technology services provider.

According to the Unified Communications Manager, “I have respected colleagues in other companies who use Fidelus and highly recommended them.” He went on to explain that Fidelus presented their business qualifications to the management team and their engineering qualifications to the IT engineering team. “They understand our business needs and they are technology experts. The other candidate companies we interviewed sent sales guys to make presentations, not competent business and technical people,” he commented.

The organization started with a complete overhaul of their unified communications platform which they claim, “was a huge project that Fidelus executed flawlessly.”

The organization currently enjoys Fidelus managed services and the unified communications manager says, “Now I have peace of mind and can sleep at night knowing Fideuls is my first line of defense.”

The Conclusion.

Fidelus has been serving the organization for three years. Today, Fidelus provides the firm with Professional Services project support, Collaboration Managed Services, and has recently added Fidelus Network Managed Services. The organization’s Manager of Unified Communications concludes, “I have dealt with a lot of companies and I am continually impressed with how well Fidelus operates and delivers technology services. Fidelus does everything I have ever expected all technology services companies should do – it is a treat to work with Fidelus.”

“I am continually amazed by the high quality of Fidelus’ service delivery. Fidelus has done everything I have ever expected from a technology services company and more – it is a treat to work with them!”

— Manager Unified Communications Health Plan Provider

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