Large International Law Firm

Sought a Team of Cisco Experts to Quickly & Effectively Implement New Phone System

The Challenge.

This thriving international law firm’s mantra is extraordinary client service in leading edge legal practices. As such, state-of-the-art communications are a key component to delivering the highest level of service to their worldwide client base.

When the manufacturer of the firm’s production phone system was acquired by another company, the acquiring company decided to obsolete the firm’s phone system model. Operating on an end-of-life system, the firm needed to quickly review their options, select a new state-of-the-art phone system, and engage an IT services partner with deep expertise architecting and setting up their particular phone system of choice.

The Situation.

Unlike many of their peers, the firm has a strong, centrally managed IT team. Therefore their practice is to engage IT service providers who have a breadth and depth of knowledge specific to the particular systems the firm uses.

For the firm, there is a clear definition of high quality for the IT services organizations they engage.

In the words of the Director of Global IT Technology, “We look for IT Services organizations:

  • to provide high-quality, extraordinary support and with whom we can work effectively,
  • to deliver services the way we want them delivered with an under-standing of our culture and organization,
  • to do things expediently and cost-effectively from an infrastructure and stafffing standpoint.”

“We chose Fidelus for the quality of their engineers with whom we have worked well from the very first day – our team is continually impressed with their depth of knowledge.”

— Director of Global Technology International Law Firm

The Solution.

The firm selected a state-of-the-art Cisco phone system to support their international operations. They then immediately embarked on finding a best-of-breed IT services provider with strong Cisco experience.

Their objective was to implement the new system quickly and effectively and to avoid the mistakes that corporate IT teams often make when they do not have substantial and specific Cisco expertise.

Following assistance navigating the design and configuration of the new phone system, the firm wanted to leverage the selected IT services provider’s experience to support their internal IT team who planned to perform much of the production rollout themselves.

Investigation of the myriad IT services providers available to meet the Firm’s goals led to their selection of Fidelus.

The Conclusion.

The firm’s overarching IT goal, according to the Director of Global Technology, is twofold. First, to assure a high level of performance and reliability of all the basic IT systems such that the employees never have to think about them. Second, to stay ahead of the employees IT needs so when they realize they want something, it is already available.

Fidelus is helping the firm’s IT team realize their goal.

“Our investigation of best-of-breed IT services providers with deep Cisco experience led us to the conclusion that, Cisco means Fidelus .”

— Director of Global Technology International Law Firm

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