Which UCaaS solution(s) are best for your organization?

Find out with Fidelus UCaaS Evaluation Services.

Leverage Fidelus’ 20 years of experience and expertise designing, deploying and supporting Unified Communications solutions within a broad range of client environments. Don’t settle for poor quality, poor integrations or basic service that doesn’t add the potential value in today’s complex business environments.

Find out which UCaaS Solution is best for you.

UCaaS Solution Evaluation

A comprehensive service that helps guide enterprises in the selection of a UCaaS platform that delivers simultaneous Proof of Concepts – a “bakeoff” – on multiple platforms and supports structured decisioning based on both User Experience and IT Operational factors.

User Factors

  • Side by side, on-site evaluation of platforms
  • Hands on user experience with devices
  • Soft phone, desk phones, headsets
  • Orientation, basic training & PoC support on each platform
  • Thorough walk through of relevant use cases on each platform
  • Calling, messaging & meetings
  • Structured collection and analysis of user feedback
  • Balance scorecard rating based on enterprise priorities

IT Operational Factors

  • Detailed evaluation of current environment
  • Determination of technical requirements for migration to each platform
  • Existing device compatibility / replacement
  • Evaluation/comparison of security & compliance factors
  • High level rollout strategy for each platform
  • Evaluation of licensing requirements & options
  • ROM Pricing and TCO for each option
  • ROI & cash flow analysis for each option


  • Project Timeline: six weeks
  • Deliverables:
    • Deployment of PoC environment for each UCaaS platform
    • On-site setup of two representative workstations for each UCaaS platform, including desk phones and headsets
    • On-site orientation, training and support of PoC users for 3 days
    • Platform evaluation plan focused on relevant use cases
    • User Evaluation Questionnaire
    • Weekly remote PoC checkpoints to assist in evaluating use cases and to answer questions
    • ROM pricing & TCO for each UCaaS platform, including equipment BOMs
    • ROI & Cash Flow analysis for each UCaaS platform
    • Documentation of evaluation findings covering User and IT Operational factors
    • Executive presentation of evaluation results
  • Client Workshops:
    • Evaluation Design: One 60-minute workshop with senior decision makers to review and weigh evaluation criteria and customize evaluation plan
    • User Training: On site training session for 3 days covering each UCaaS platform for PoC users
    • Business Case Review: One 60-minute workshop per UCaaS platform to review and tweak ROI and cash flow analysis


While the benefits of adopting a UCaaS platform are well established, many enterprises struggle with the complexity of determining which of the leading solutions is right for them – Cisco Webex, MS Teams or Zoom.

User Factors

  • Feature Set
  • Ease of Use
  • User Adoption
  • Training Requirements
  • Soft Client / Desk Top Phone
  • Remote Work Enablement

IT Operational Factors

  • Device Compatibility / Replacement
  • Security & Compliance
  • Data Migration
  • Rollout Strategy
  • Licensing Model
  • Total Cost of Ownership


Built on a foundation of relationships and trust, Fidelus combines nearly two decades of client-focused, personalized service, and subject-matter experts with an average tenure of 10 years to deliver best-in-class, enterprise communication, and networking solutions to organizations globally.

Fidelus works with clients to identify best-in-class solutions that meet and exceed business goals and objectives. Fidelus is a Cisco Gold, Master Collaboration, and Master Cloud & Management Services Partner.

Fidelus UCaaS Deployments
As of today, four leading professional services firms have signed onto Fidelus Technologies Enterprise Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) offering across a total of 42 sites in both domestic and international locations.


Find out which UCaaS Solution is best for you.

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