Fidelus Employee Spotlight: Unified Communications Trainer

It can sometimes sound like a cliché, but our people really are the best asset Fidelus has. In that spirit we’d like to regularly highlight some of the team members that make Fidelus great.

Meet Carolyn Shea, one of our Unified Communications Trainers. She’s known by our clients for training team members on Cisco Unified Communications endpoints using superheroes, and more generally as a fun, friendly and dedicated instructor.

When did you first start working at Fidelus?
I started here almost two years ago in August, 2013. My first week was also the week of my birthday, which happened to fall on that Friday. I got a very warm welcome from everyone.

How would you describe the Fidelus culture?
The culture at Fidelus really keeps me going. All teammates (it’s always “teammates” here, never “employees”) support each other to make individual workloads easier to bear, when possible. I feel like everyone is constantly learning from each other, especially when technical and non-technical staff have the opportunity to collaborate. And of course, the happy hours together are always fun!

What extracurricular activities do you partake in around the office?
I’m definitely one of the people who loves to get involved with all the Fidelus activities. I’m part of an office group that likes to run together. We really keep each other motivated to push ourselves faster and farther. Plus, I actually write the Fidelus internal newsletter, so I’m the one keeping everyone up on the latest HR initiatives, programs and activities.

How does Fidelus support your work/life balance?
We have a great, flexible telecommute policy that allows us to work variably from the office or at home. But it goes beyond HR policies. When I trained for a marathon, all Fidelus teammates were very supportive throughout my training and after the race. I also do volunteer work for my sorority, Delta Phi Epsilon, and the Greater New Haven St. Patrick’s Day Parade and have always felt supported in those activities.

What do you like best about working at Fidelus?
It’s an amazing place to work. This is my first time being a Unified Communications Trainer and my first job in training, but I really enjoy it. I love all the opportunities to travel and meet new people. Nothing makes me happier than someone walking out of a training session feeling confident to use their new phone or software. That never gets old for me.