How to Achieve Efficient Device Management on Your Network with WAN Optimization

Fidelus Blog: SDWAN Optimization

The growing number of devices connecting to your organization’s network as a result of BYOD, guest access, and the Internet of Things (IoT) adds to the bandwidth demands that your IT team must manage. A Microsoft study indicates 67 percent of people are using their personal devices at work, regardless of whether or not you have an official BYOD policy. [1] Also, with geographically dispersed customers, remote workers, and branch offices, IT must optimize application traffic to efficiently handle the high-bandwidth software that has reached the critical stage.

The use of video and audio communications and various forms of streaming media threatens to overrun the network. Employees may begin to complain about slow or inconsistent access to the applications they need to get their job done.

How do you avoid a slow network with unreliable performance and keep up with the increasing demands on your network?

Manage WAN Capacity with SDWAN

Software Defined WAN (SDWAN) is technologies that maximize the efficiency of data flow across a wide-area network. For businesses with multiple office locations, employees logging in remotely, and a growing list of devices accessing the network, managing WAN capacity requires reducing the bandwidth required for critical applications and information to ensure everyone can access what they need to access at all times.

SDWAN makes it possible to manage multiple connection types, from MPLS to broadband to LTE. Because it’s software-based, you can manage the entire WAN through a single interface. In the past, changing network configurations at branch offices would require an on-site technician to manually make the configurations. If you wanted to add teleconferencing to one of your branch offices, you would probably have to buy more bandwidth, and then re-architect the network and set predefined bandwidth allocations. Today, with the use of SDWAN, you can easily manage and make changes across multiple locations without having to physically touch and configure every device at every location. It also optimizes cheap bandwidth to accommodate applications with high-traffic needs by accelerating and prioritizing the most critical applications to your business to minimize or eliminate downtime.

Improve Performance and Reduce Costs

When SDWAN is deployed you can achieve cost reductions while improving performance at the same time. SDWAN makes it possible to maximize the high cost of dedicated, private, high-quality networks such as MPLS or VPLS while making better use of low-cost circuits such as internet or broadband.  Also, SDWAN provides the ability to analyze the changes in the network and anticipate WAN needs as the company grows. Currently, 59 percent of businesses have deployed WAN optimizations and 9 percent are in the process of doing so to gain the benefits of faster, more reliable access to applications and data. Of the 59 percent of organizations already using WAN optimization strategies, 70 percent are using Cisco equipment. [2] 

Delivering a consistent network performance becomes increasingly difficult as the number of devices and high-bandwidth business applications increase. An SDWAN optimization vendor can assist your IT department with monitoring the needs of your ever-changing network and ensuring reliable, fast access to your employees regardless of their physical location or device.

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[2] 2017 U.S. IT Services Report sponsored by Fidelus