Common Problems of Wi-Fi Networks at Businesses

Fidelus - Common Problems of Wi-Fi Networks

The days of working at our desks at computers physically tethered to the network are behind us. Most businesses are now running Wi-Fi networks, and as a result, employees may not be working as efficiently as possible if there are problems with the network. But the most common problems of small to medium-sized business Wi-Fi networks still allow access to the network, so the issues are tolerated and often ignored. Productivity is affected by network problems.

Identify Causes of Wi-Fi Network Problems

The most common problems with the wireless network for businesses involve one of the following:

Configuration Problems

The majority of wireless network problems are likely caused by an original improper installation and setup. This can cause a slow connection or make certain areas of the office “dead zones” that can’t reach the connection. Employees expect the same access to the network, whether they are using the Wi-Fi or the wired network. To avoid congestion and slow-downs throughout the day, proper configuration should be based on the number of users on the network and what type of activities they will conduct over the network.

Security Issues

When small- to medium-sized businesses add a wireless network to the workplace, many fail to adequately plan for the security needs of the new network. This is a problem for all organizations, but especially businesses that handle customer credit card information, medical records, or government data. There is a need for data encryption solutions, authentication, and isolation to prevent unauthorized network access whenever you use a wireless network – and a password alone is not enough. Also, even after a secure network is installed, organizations must maintain the latest standards and patches to ensure their security is always up to date and prepared to fight the latest in cyber crimes.

Interference Problems

There are many environmental variables that can create connection problems with wireless networks, including electrical intrusions, metal objects or ceilings, or even walls. These issues can cause an inability to connect, dropped connections, or simply slow internet speeds, hampering the team’s productivity.

Some businesses reduce their risks for interference by estimating the location of access points. Others will develop a complete site survey and spectrum analysis to avoid poor signal propagation.

Effective Wireless Networks

With so many day-to-day operations depending on the wireless network, deploying an effective network requires a proper configuration and setup to meet the needs of your organization. Once established, a network requires ongoing management to ensure peak operational efficiency and security.

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