Consistent User Experience Improves Communication from Any Location

Collaboration tools should provide steady and consistent utilization no matter the location

User experience matters greatly in all aspects of business but it matters even more when trying to communicate effectively from multiple locations. Your team should have a consistent experience from any location and any device. If the quality of audio or video is substandard, that leaves the door open for miscommunications, poor first impressions with potential clients or employees, and an inability to capitalize on what should be a major boon to productivity and collaboration.

A large part of delivering a consistent user experience for conferencing and secure collaboration across multiple devices and locations is choosing the right conferencing solutions. Other key elements are ease of use, reliable performance regardless of network or device, seamless integration with other communications tools, and a platform that is easy to manage.

Ease of Use

The most important factor when implementing any communications solution for your company is how easy it is to use. Any system that isn’t naturally intuitive for end-users will most likely not be utilized to the extent which would make it ROI positive. If a system is in place that requires much more than a simple push of a button to use, it will fail your organization.

Reliable Performance

Given the mobile nature of today’s workforce, it is of critical importance that your communications tools are not just always available, but are always reliable and can be accessed from any device. Whether employees who are required to participate in a conference call or collaborative session are at the airport, at their desk, their home office, or even in the office – reliability of conferencing systems that can run on any network and any device is a must.

Seamless Integration

Any conferencing and communications system installed today should be able to integrate seamlessly into common communications platforms your company is already using. The goal for unified communications, of course, is to unify your communications systems into a central hub that works flawlessly with your other business applications. This includes VoIP, instant messaging, email, and any other productivity software necessary for business operations. Our team can integrate your communications solutions with your line of business applications to give you a seamless experience.

Easy to Manage

Not only do communications tools need to be easy for your employees to use, but they need to also be easy to manage by your IT administrators. Even with the support of a dedicated team of unified communications engineers and experts, like Fidelus Technologies, it’s still important to be able to access and manage the system yourself.

You need the capability to assign access levels to different employees based on their role with your organization and enable mobile device management to remotely wipe apps and information from employee devices when they lose them or leave the organization.

It can be difficult to find a communications solution that delivers on all the points above without going over budget or getting a system that unnecessarily complex. Fidelus Technologies specializes in unified communications and matching solutions with actual business needs. If you’re in need of a reliable communications solution that is easy to use and delivers a consistently positive user experience regardless of device and location, give us a call.

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