The Importance of a Strong Business Backbone: The Network Infrastructure


You need a reliable network for both new client acquisition and for retaining current clients. Most businesses rely on the network to process customer orders and maintain client records. Communication between your business and your customers is vital, and it depends significantly on your network infrastructure. Consider your network infrastructure to be the backbone of your daily operations: everything else in your business relies on the strength and reliability of that backbone to operate successfully.

Access to the payroll system often requires the network. Modern advertising methods focus on digital techniques and social media. Businesses with an inventory of products rely on Internet-based software to manage inventory counts and order supplies when stock runs low. Good network infrastructure can help organize the company for ensuring that correct orders go out to customers in a timely fashion while streamlining processes for higher efficiency.

Problems with an Unreliable Network Infrastructure

Since almost all of your business operations rely on the functioning of your network, an unreliable network can severely affect business operations – maybe even to the point of being non-operable! Without a strong network infrastructure, access to business data may be delayed or lost. Your productivity will drop, and you may not be able to fulfill customer orders. If your internet access is down, you may be unable to check your inventory, and your phone system may be affected if you use VoIP.

If your employees are unable to access the information they need to do their jobs, they’re going to become frustrated. Employee morale will drop. In turn, customer satisfaction will decline as employees can’t meet the needs of your customers without a reliable network infrastructure, and you could end up with lousy customer reviews and a loss of repeat customers.

The network infrastructure is the backbone, or foundation, of a healthy business. All of your business activities, from administration to employee productivity to customer satisfaction, rely on the network.  Without communication with customers, there are no customers. Without access to inventory, client records, and order functions, you can’t keep happy customers. Reliable network infrastructure is the difference between a successful, profitable business…and a failing one.

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