Outsource Your Security Needs and Let Your IT Team Sleep at Night

Fidelus Blog: Outsource Your Security Needs and Let Your IT Team Sleep at Night

When asked for the number one reason they lose sleep at night, nearly 45% of IT workers named security as their biggest challenge, followed by new technology implementation and legacy systems upgrade, cost reduction, and cloud deployments. IT professionals aren’t leaving their work behind when they clock out at the end of each day – the idea of data breaches and downtime causing problems for the organization are keeping them from sleeping peacefully.

Potential Security Attack Vectors

Securing the business network, data, and applications encompasses a wide range of responsibilities for the IT department. When their security concerns were examined closer, it was found that the leading security challenges center around employee application usage. Employees rely on email and web browsing daily to get their work done, two activities with high usage that expose organizations’ networks to malicious social engineering and phishing. Then, the installation and use of unauthorized or unapproved software applications on the employees’ desktop computers is the third largest challenge for organizations, because these applications can contain malware that allows infiltration of the organization’s network.

With so much of their daily energy and focus wrapped around protecting the organization against these common attack vectors, the IT department rarely has the time needed to consider innovation, new products and services to make the organization run more efficiently, or technology that would help move an organization toward their goals.

Other Challenges Faced by the IT Department

IT teams surveyed across the United States say they are challenged by the planning and costs of keeping up with the:

  • Rapidly evolving IT technology options
  • Expanding array of user devices accessing their organizations’ networks, applications, and data
  • Growing mobile and geographically dispersed workforces working around the clock
  • Escalating sophistication and frequency of security threats to their organization’s data

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Security Needs

When you support your internal IT department with a managed services provider, your current IT team will finally have the time to focus on strategic technology issues rather than the day-to-day, routine tasks that are currently consuming all of their time (and preventing them from getting a good night’s sleep!) Your team can focus on growing the business, and you can feel confident that your security needs are handled when you outsource some of your needs to a third party IT provider. Typical security and IT solutions include:

  • 24/7/365 proactive monitoring and maintenance services to reduce downtime
  • Predictable, flat rate billing for routine IT needs to reduce costs
  • Helpdesk coverage to increase the productivity of the organization
  • Disaster recovery to ensure your business can operate business-as-usual even after a disaster

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2017 U.S. IT Services Report sponsored by Fidelus