Top 8 Security Concerns Keeping Your IT Team Awake At Night

Fidelus Blog: Top 8 Security Concerns Keeping Your IT Team Awake At Night

IT departments are faced with more than just helping employees access work applications and email when they’ve forgotten their passwords. The IT department has concerns over the security of the corporate data and network that literally keep them awake at night. Every time technology improves and the IT team expands the availability of technologies to employees in the organization, there are also new security concerns to take into consideration. If the IT team isn’t keeping up with the needs of the employees, they’ll start seeking out other ways to accomplish their work in the fastest, easiest ways possible – often endangering the security of the organization.

Here are the IT department’s top eight concerns, as reported in the 2017 U.S. IT Services Report:

  • Security: 45%
  • Technology implementation & upgrade of legacy systems: 13%
  • Cutting costs: 13%
  • Moving to the cloud: 9%
  • Global consolidation and centralization of IT: 7%
  • HA/DR: 5%
  • Collaboration: 5%
  • Expanding IT: 3%
  • VDI implementation: 2%

Taken as a whole, these challenges add up to implementing cost-effective, flexible technology solutions while keeping the entire infrastructure secure.

Can You Outsource IT Security Needs?

With security taking such a large lead in the concerns that keep IT teams awake at night, more businesses should consider outsourcing their security needs. Organizations can outsource part of their security needs while keeping some in-house to relieve some of the burden on the IT department while solving these security challenges. The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) doesn’t recommend outsourcing security functions for governance-related needs. However, application security, identity and access management, and virtualization security requirements are all eligible candidates for outsourcing. When your internal IT team outsources firewall management, vulnerability scans, network security, and anti-malware, they can spend more of their time ensuring that the organization is meeting industry regulations and compliance requirements.

On the other hand, if your organization is among those that are uncomfortable outsourcing security needs, you can outsource the internal helpdesk and basic monitoring of your network – two time-consuming tasks – so your IT department can focus on the greater security challenges.

The key to any successful outsourcing program is understanding your outsourcing options to gain cost and time savings without increasing the risks to your organization. Once you’ve determined the operations that can be outsourced, you can select a provider and move your business toward your goals.

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2017 U.S. IT Services Report sponsored by Fidelus