The Functions of a Managed Services Provider

MSP Functionality

Managed services is the practice of outsourcing IT functionality and management responsibilities to improve company operations and reduce cost. It is an alternative to staffing a full-time IT department, or it can act as an extension of  current IT staff, to manage and operate specific aspects of an organizations IT infrastructure. Managed services have proven to provide not only additional IT assistance, but have also become a valuable resource in facilitating with overall operational efficiency.

What are the functions of managed services?

Maintenance and Troubleshooting:

Normally the most basic operation of managed services, this support level provides organizations basic advice and troubleshooting to common IT issues from a knowledgeable resource.

Monitoring and Managed Services:

This support level provides active 24/7/365 monitoring and management. Additionally, this level of support normally operates out of a NOC or network operations center, which is constantly monitoring a client’s infrastructure to review and resolve potential issues before they can become more complex issues or worst yet cause a possible outage.

Technology and Infrastructure Support:

This offers a more specific level of support to a wider array of technology within an IT infrastructure, and allows clients to utilize a single provider to simplify operations. For instance, unified communication and collaboration (UCC) solutions require dedicated equipment and personnel to operate. Instead of hiring or re-purposing current staff members to facilitate with the management of UCC, a managed services provider can support this area of your IT environment, allowing your internal staff to focus on more complex projects.

Advanced Managed Services Support:

By taking advantage of emerging technologies in data analytics, IoT, DevOps, and advanced security. This service level provides advanced support capabilities to anticipate and address business critical situations.

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