Top Five Reasons to Use IT Managed Services

Professional Managed IT Services

Companies across the globe have employed managed IT services to help reduce cost, and stay up-to-date with the latest technology. It has also facilitated with increasing organizational efficiency, and improving operations. Below are the top five reasons you why your organization can benefit from outsourcing some of their IT services:


The biggest value of a managed IT services provider is cost savings. The cost of hardware, software and staff can be significant for any size business looking to grow and expand. Outsourcing IT services allow organizations to more easily predict their month-to-month costs, setting expectations from both an operational and financial perspective at the onset. For example, your IT team is overburdened with supporting staff as your company grows. However the cost and time involved with hiring and training new staff is something your organization is unable to manage as your business scales. Outsourcing IT services will allow you to immediately add an experienced staff and understand the cost, so that you can plan your budget and business timeline accordingly.

Latest and Greatest:

Not only does IT outsourcing help with having an extra team of experts able to troubleshoot and address issues that arise. It allows you to benefit from having access to the latest and greatest technology solutions that help your business maintain uptime, and most importantly profitability. Furthermore it exposes your organization to tools such as remote monitoring and management, backup and disaster recovery and cloud computing to help keep your company up-to-date with business-grade technology.

Maximizing Uptime:

Today more than ever, every business needs to be prepared for emergencies such as power failures, security breaches, data loss or natural disasters that could potentially harm their clients and credibility. Constant uptime is necessary for business continuity and including a business disaster recovery plan (BDR) for instance, is paramount to any business in case of downtime. Including a BDR as part of your IT services allows you to extend that courtesy to your clients, ensuring that their data is secure in case of any disaster situation.


One of the many benefits of using a managed services provider is 24x7x365 coverage. The reason many organizations choose a MSP is because of the support they can access any time, any day of the year. Additionally, your MSP is constantly monitoring your infrastructure to ensure they can detect potential disturbances and vulnerabilities before they can develop into more critical threats. With an IT managed services provider, glitches or bugs are easily spotted and remedied preventing fatal damage or most importantly data-loss.


If you’re trying to convince a healthcare organization to become your next client, did you let them know that you utilize a HIPAA compliant managed services IT provider? Understanding HIPAA regulations for example and how to supplement them with additional managed security protocol, policies and procedures can be left to the professionals of your managed IT services provider. MSP’s are constantly staying on top of regulations set forth by governing bodies to ensure compliancy, security and data protection so you don’t have to. This provides piece-of-mind to your clients, knowing they are trusting an organization that fully understands the importance of keeping data safe.

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