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This Will be the Next Communications Evolution

This Will be the Next Communications Evolution

In two to three years, our experience communicating digitally (i.e. making and receiving even basic mobile calls) will be very different from our experience today. Communication will be more effective and drive better outcomes. Technology is moving at a blistering pace, from both a physical computing power and software perspective. These technological factors, in conjunction […]

6 Layers of Cyber-Security that You Should be Using to Secure your Organization

Securing networks, hardening systems, and protecting data from cyber threats have become more important with cyber incidents on the rise. With over 53,000 security incidents and over 2,000 security breaches confirmed in 2018, it seems that these trends continuously grow year after year. The big question is  “What can we do as an organization to […]

4 Surprising Causes of Wi-Fi Network Interference

wi-fi network

Most problems with Wi-Fi network interference can be boiled down to wireless regulations. Wi-Fi operates in the frequency ranges of 2.4-GHz and 5-GHz. Transmissions in these ranges are inexpensive as they don’t require complicated licensing requirements. Wireless devices operating in this range are supposed to tolerate interference, and some are designed to change channels within […]

3 Considerations When Adding Switches to the Network

The business is growing and it’s time to upgrade or increase your network capacity and architecture to support the influx of machinery, workstations, and personnel. After you’ve decided whether or not you need to increase the bandwidth being provided and evaluated the current network hardware, you’ve realized that it’s time to bring in some new infrastructure. Switches, […]

Top 8 Security Concerns Keeping Your IT Team Awake At Night

Fidelus Blog: Top 8 Security Concerns Keeping Your IT Team Awake At Night

IT departments are faced with more than just helping employees access work applications and email when they’ve forgotten their passwords. The IT department has concerns over the security of the corporate data and network that literally keep them awake at night. Every time technology improves and the IT team expands the availability of technologies to […]

Reduce Work Interruptions with Managed Services

Reduce Work Interruptions with Managed Services

Keeping up with the rapid changes in technology is difficult, especially for the small to medium-sized business owner who’s often wearing many different hats. By using managed services, you can ensure your technology is always up to date, while reducing work interruptions that negatively affect your bottom line. What Are Managed Services? Managed services is […]

A Good Offense is Your Best Defense: Proactive Managed Services VS Break-Fix

Small to medium-sized business are juggling just as many priorities and demands as a large enterprise, but they don’t have the staff to efficiently tackle all of the tasks. You’re focused on finding and keeping your customers, improving efficiencies to reduce expenses, providing exceptional customer service, meeting compliance and government regulations, and successfully growing your […]

Top Benefits of Outsourced IT Through Managed Services

Businesses of all sizes can immediately benefit from outsourcing IT needs through managed services. Managed services let you outsource the day-to-day management of your network and collaboration technology environment for a cost-effective method of increasing productivity and efficiency. Manged service providers offer custom programs that are ideal for businesses that: Don’t have enough IT staff […]

Why Your Business Needs Video Conferencing

Video conferencing was once only used for major corporations, and even then, it was mostly just the top executives. Today, 76% of organizations use video conferencing solutions in the workplace, and 56% say they participate in video calls on a weekly basis. Video conferencing offers all businesses a variety of benefits that range from increased productivity, […]