Unified Communication Benefits for Large Businesses

unified communication benefits for large businesses

Unified communication (UC) allows you to integrate multiple forms of communication such as text messages, voice calling, and video conferencing into one easy-to-use interface. Communications are unified not just across physical locations, but across platforms as well.

Many businesses are finding that a UC system becomes vital as their business grows and both their client and workforce diversity increases. Read on to find out how a UC system can save your organization time and money.

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What is unified communication?

UC is the unification of multiple different communications methods – for example, using dictation software to send emails, and then having the responses sent to your headphones via text-to-speech. As well as improving accessibility for those who might be hard of hearing or vision impaired, this type of UC allows you to keep working even while your hands are busy, or when you don’t have time to sit down and type your emails.

Although the basics of UC have been around for decades, in recent years the practice has undergone massive leaps in innovation. As the need for off-site communication between team members became vital, UC evolved and expanded to become more than a replacement for working in the office. Businesses are learning that when implemented correctly, UC boosts employee productivity and increases client satisfaction. 

UC simplifies the process of communication immensely. As increasingly complex methods of communication develop, users can find themselves juggling multiple apps in order to stay current with their co-workers’ schedules, situation updates, and vital workplace information. 

When employees can’t communicate effectively, time and money is wasted. UC brings all these forms of communication under one system, so employees and clients alike only have to install one app in order to access information from multiple channels. 

The most common requirements for a UC system are to place messaging, voice calling, and web conferencing together under one easy-to-use system. There are a number of products on the market which can provide this basic functionality, many of which are utilized independently by small teams or businesses. 

However, these systems are meant to deal with small numbers of users, and can’t fulfill the needs of large or complex enterprises. Additionally, your IT team needs to be familiar with the implementation and upkeep of these systems, placing an additional workload on what is often an already stressed team. 

Multinational firms with multiple branches often need a more comprehensive setup. Not only is an advanced version of the system required, but the server requirements and maintenance time will increase significantly. In return for the increase in complexity, advanced UC systems often provide a cloud-based communications setup which allows not just text and voice to be shared, but emails, spreadsheets, files, records and images. This truly allows teams to collaborate seamlessly, with all workers on the same page.

How can unified communication benefit your business?

It’s essential that your workforce can keep up to date with developing situations and collaborative solutions. UC provides the tools necessary to share vital information with all team members in a way that they can access immediately. 

UC can also allow you to store and interact with your information in the cloud, allowing for easy access no matter where you are. UC allows for secure remote connection and desktop sharing within a system, bringing your workplace to you. This is particularly helpful when it comes to troubleshooting complex problems or bringing new team members up to speed.

Finally, when you choose an externally managed cloud-based UC system, all of your information is securely backed up with a third party to protect you from data loss or cyber attacks. Dedicated UC providers will stay current with the latest security issues and ensure that your data is secure, safe, and accessible.

Why choose Fidelus?


We understand how important it is for a business to be able to communicate efficiently and reliably. Fidelus doesn’t just provide your new UC system – we design a custom solution tailored specifically to your needs. 

Fidelus’ custom designs will give you the tools you need while avoiding unnecessary aspects that may clutter the workflow. We provide only the services you require, and don’t waste your time with additional features. Each UC system is optimized to meet the individual business’ needs. 

We design your UC system with growth planning already built in, so regardless of whether you’re a growing enterprise or a multinational law firm, you can be confident that your new UC system will continue to serve your business for years to come. Our software scales as your business grows, allowing the same system to be used continuously.


We also offer round-the-clock monitoring, maintenance and support services. Our monitoring systems and pre-emptive solution implementation ensures that your communications network is maintained in peak condition. We take care of the hosting, security, and user support, so you can focus on keeping your clients happy and your business growing.


Fidelus offers both in-house and cloud-based systems, designed from the start with security and accessibility in mind. Our cloud-based UC system is founded on secure, FedRAMP certified infrastructure, ensuring that security is tight on every level. 

Our communications networks are secured with end-to-end encryption, so you can be confident that your communication will remain confidential. Whether you prefer your system to be hosted on-premise or on our FedRAMP certified facility, Fidelus will keep your security up to date and protect you against the latest digital threats.

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