How to solve the problems of modern-day enterprise networking

An effective network is essential to support the core functions of your business. When it comes to connecting multiple office, data centers, and cloud-based applications, enterprise networking can present many difficult but not insurmountable challenges.

The struggles of developing an enterprise network

Enterprises can have many sites that may be located across cities, states, or even international borders. The enterprise network, therefore, must connect multiple locations. Additionally, management across these many locations must be simple and quick, and new location wind-up must be simple and can be achieved quickly.

Modern security concerns mean that robust security is essential. From 2014 to 2019, there was a 67 percent increase in cybersecurity breaches, with the average malware attack costing businesses $2.6 million. 

It is also important that redundancy and failover need is addressed to achieve a functional enterprise network.This enables that the enterprise has complete visibility for all locations. Finally, with the growing adoption of cloud technologies, a modern enterprise network should support a cloud workflow.

SD-WAN: the enterprise networking solution

Fortunately, there are modern enterprise networking solutions that can address these struggles, ensuring reliable and secure connectivity across any enterprise operation. SD-WAN, or Software-defined Wide Area Network, is a virtual architecture designed to resolve these issues and provide the ideal solution for enterprises. This system offers a single pane of glass approach for the entire enterprise network infrastructure, covering all locations, allowing centralized oversight of branch networks, and better management of the network. SD-WAN is also a more reliable networking solution for enterprises, offering full visibility over the network, greater resilience, and consistent application performance.

Make connecting your new office a breeze

As enterprises grow, they expand to new locations. This provides many opportunities for the business, but it can present challenges for enterprise networking. SD-WAN makes connecting a new location easier than ever because connecting the new site does not have to be managed on-location. Instead, the SD-WAN automatically connects the new location to the same network as your overall enterprise. Furthermore, each site can be run off of broadband or DSL connection, offering the enterprise a high degree of flexibility and allowing them to choose the best option depending on the location.

Secure your entire enterprise network

SD-WAN uses software firewalls and security monitoring to deliver a high level of protection from cyber attacks, malware, and other cybersecurity risks. The highly integrated nature of these types of networks also means that security is applied to the entire enterprise network, across all locations. Enterprises do not need to be worried about weak links in their network exposing them to risks. All network security is managed from one centralized view, and the enterprise can segment applications from end to end, reducing the area that requires security.

Single pane of glass management and visibility

Because the SD-WAN software manages the entire network, you have one central view to manage the entire system, across all locations and departments. This also allows you to automatically deploy new software or policies company-wide from one location. Additionally, the single pane of glass means you can easily integrate technology from other vendors, making deployment of new tools easy and hassle-free.

Supporting your mobile, connected workforce

Enterprise networking must also be responsive to a changing workforce. In 2020, this means a workforce that is highly mobile yet more connected than ever. SD-WAN management, security, and policies extend into cloud services, allowing enterprises to safely take advantage of the benefits of cloud technology. These kinds of networks are also able to control resource allocation on a per-app basis, making them agile and flexible.

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