Why Consider Leveraging Moving Unified Communications in the Cloud

Digital communication technology now defines how businesses interact and collaborate, both internally and externally. The level of availability and responsiveness expected of businesses today calls for unified communications (UC) solutions just to cover all the bases.

However, given the inherent challenges maintaining these complex systems and keeping them up to date many organizations now realize the value of cloud-based UC or Unified Communications as a Service. UCaaS is now the fastest-growing segment of the unified communications market due to continued migration to cloud-based communications solutions. So, what makes cloud hosting so attractive to entrepreneurs all across the globe?

Cloud vs. on-premise communications

Before we go any further, let’s first differentiate between on-premise and cloud hosting when it comes to communications infrastructure. Then it will be easier to understand the enterprise value of cloud communications.

  • Cloud

Cloud-based communication services provide the full suite of communication resources from servers, network infrastructure, data storage and management, VoIP, to end-user applications hosted by a third party. The cloud provider ensures that all the latest necessary communication tools and resources are available to you at all times, from anywhere and on any device through a single portal.

You pay for what you need through a predictable subscription model. And, you can upgrade your bundled service package at any time to meet growing demands.

  • On-premise

Unlike cloud hosting, on-prem hosting requires you to purchase the necessary hardware and software, build the infrastructure, and set up connectivity. In this scenario, you’re also responsible for maintaining, servicing, repairing, and securing the entire system. 

The upside is that you’re in full control of the communications system, but that is something of a double-edged sword. Successfully handling your own communications traffic using on-site equipment and staff can be both expensive and cumbersome.

Any solution, fully scalable

When hosted and managed by a third-party, a cloud communications solution allows the business to make rapid changes and adjustments to the infrastructure at any time. Adding new features and discarding what you don’t need can be handled instantly leveraging an administrative interface. You can make quick changes on an individual user basis or the entire suite, depending on the scope of new requirements. For instance, you can easily add new  devices or features after expanding your workforce.

Empower a mobile workforce

Mobility is an essential and increasingly useful feature of cloud communications. Cloud UC enables a “work anywhere” capability. Remote and on-site workers can all share access to the same instance of the application from any location and any internet-enabled device. Your entire business community can exchange information, collaborate, and interact in real-time through a central platform regardless of physical barriers. With Cloud hosting, you basically take the office with you wherever you go.

Holistic security

At the end of 2018, analysts predicted that by 2020 sixty percent of digital businesses would have fallen victim to cybersecurity breaches that cause a significant service disruption. This underlines how cyber-attacks are among the biggest threats facing businesses today. Unfortunately, enterprise communications systems are some of the most vulnerable digital assets.

Cloud hosting allows communication resources and applications to be secured under several layers of cybersecurity. Some of these layers include end-to-end-encryption, user authentication and protection, data security, end-user device protection, and network security. The robust cybersecurity afforded by cloud hosting is reassuring enough to allow BYOD policies and remote workers connecting through public Wi-Fi. Security risks are essentially barriers to productive workplace innovations and progressive work environments.

The advantages of cloud communications over on-prem infrastructure go well beyond cutting communication overhead. Cloud UC equips your business with the necessary tools to promote collaboration and productivity. In many ways, cloud-based communications broaden your workplace and open your business to new ways of working.

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