Meet Jacqueline Shorrock – A Heroes For Heroes Hero

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Jacqueline Shorrock, Caring For Our Caregivers… 

Over the past several months Jacqueline has been supporting our caregivers on the front lines of this pandemic by introducing practices that help manage the stress and anxiety that comes with the territory.  More specifically, she is working with Intensive Care Nurses from Memorial Sloan Kettering & St. Luke’s Health, teaching mindfulness and meditation practices & helping them incorporate those practices into their day-to-day operations. This service is provided at no cost to the hospitals as part of the Heroes for Heroes initiative.

Jacqueline began her career as a Navy Nurse, receiving the Navy Achievement Medal for outstanding leadership. Jacqueline is now the Director of Women’s Programs for Veteran’s PATH. She is a Chopra Center Certified Ayurvedic Wellness Coach, 200 hr Yoga Instructor, Reiki practitioner, and Mindfulness Expert.  

While serving her country in uniform, Jacqueline also served on the home front as a military spouse. She first sought out mindfulness practices to achieve a greater sense of inner peace and joy as a new Naval officer and Naval Special Warfare spouse. Once she discovered how powerful these techniques were for her own self-transformation, she dedicated herself to sharing her wisdom with other women along their path. As an Ironman triathlete, Jacqueline channels these mind-body practices to achieve peak performance in all areas of life.  

With over a decade of immersive study, Jacqueline is committed to personal growth of mind, body, and spirit & is on a mission to re-awaken the sacredness of sisterhood, helping women to restore, thrive & connect. Through workshops, group coaching, and speaking engagements, Jacqueline and her company, Solidarity of Sisters, empower military spouses {past, present & future} to restore, rebalance & reconnect to all of themselves. 

Thank you Jacqueline for serving our country and for all the amazing work that you do!

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