Product Overview: Silver Peak SD-WAN

The Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) market continues to grow at an incredible rate. When you consider how much these solutions can save a corporation while increasing both their business productivity and agility, it is easy to understand why.

More and more applications are placing ever-increasing demands on the WAN. In addition, applications are moving to the cloud every day. Until recently, there wasn’t such a reliable way to leverage the internet to meet the needs of a whole business network.

But technology has advanced and, according to recent studies by IDC, almost 95% of U.S. enterprises expect to be using SD-WAN within the next two years and its market share will increase to $5.25 billion by 2023 – representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30.8%.

Another report by the Dell’Oro Group has found that the SD-WAN market is expected to increase by 168% by 2024. There are numerous other reports with similar findings. To summarize them all, the SD-WAN market is growing fast, and that that growth isn’t expected to slow down any time soon.

You may already have heard of Silver Peak. A global leader in SD-WAN technology, they were recently named the overall winner in the SD-WAN category of the 2020 CRN Annual Report Card (ARC) Awards. And it is all thanks to their Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform that continuously learns and adapts to meet the requirements of enterprise customers.

So read on to find out more about what SD-WAN is and what makes Silver Peak’s solution so different.

Why Use SD-WAN?

How businesses leverage applications is changing. In addition to the ever-increasing demand for high-performance on-premise applications, many now subscribe to SaaS applications leveraging the cloud. With traditional WANs, a user would connect back to the corporate data center to access their business applications. Now they are also accessing those or similar applications in the cloud.

Backhauling all traffic, including that which originates and is destined for the cloud, from branch offices to headquarters causes latency and impacts application performance – which traditional WAN solutions are no longer optimized.

What SD-WAN does, in a nutshell, is simplify the process, reduce costs, increase bandwidth efficiency, improves user experience from an application performance perspective, and provides a seamless connection to the cloud. All without sacrificing security or data privacy and improving overall network performance, especially for critical applications.

Business-driven SD-WAN

The Silver Peak SD-WAN solution is called Unity EdgeConnect and is designed for a WAN dependent and cloud-centric world.

What this translates to is a network that is even further directed by the business’ intent. This is instead of the older router-centric approach. That meant businesses and applications had to conform to whatever the limitations of their network allowed.

Consistent Quality of Experience (QoEx)

One of the top benefits of any SD-WAN is its ability to actively use multiple WAN transport forms. Even the most basic solutions can direct application-based traffic down a single path. This can dynamically redirect it along another path should the original one fail or underperform. However, these failover times often result in application interruptions and degraded user experience.

With a business-driven WAN solution like Silver Peak, all underlying transport services are intelligently monitored and managed. Therefore, even when WAN transport services are impaired, they can ensure that packet loss, latency, and jitter are avoided almost completely. This results in the highest levels of application performance possible at all times.

Fidelus has been a long term partner of Silver Peak because we believe that they have the best SD-WAN solution for any business. Please contact us if you have any questions and we will be happy to answer them!