Building Long-Term Relationships with Fidelus-Class Service

We believe relationships are the most important part of life. While delivering high-quality personalized service, we build meaningful and lasting relationships. These relationships provide a strong foundation for joint successes.

This begins with our first interaction, knowing that every interaction with a team member or client is an opportunity to make an impression.  Until a strong relationship is developed with an individual, these impressions, either positive or negative, will impact that relationship respectively.  ​​These people-to-people interactions or transactions are referred to as Hand-To-Hand Combat or HTHC, and often occur hundreds of times a day. If these interactions are impacting our relationships, and individual and company performance, how do we optimize these transactions?

  1. High-Performance teams and individuals achieve much of their success to managing relationships not through distant communications (emails, Instant Messages, etc.), but through direct, up-close, personal interaction.​
  2. In order to make sure we are driving Fidelus-Class Service and rowing in unison, we must engage in HTHC with the intent of providing exemplary service. ​​
  3. It is through what feels like over-communication (clients or Fidelians) that strong relationships are fostered and maintained.​

Ultimately, it is through strong long-term relationships that we learn from and grow in business and in life.