Fidelus-Class Service

white glove service

EVERYBODY says they deliver great service, but few actually do. Think of the few brands that are synonymous with exemplary service: The Ritz Carlton, The Four Seasons, Disney, Zappos. How many more come to mind? Who comes to mind in the IT services market? We strive to earn that reputation every day.

Some call it “white-glove service,” “gold standard,” or “first-class.” Here, we call itFidelus-Class Service.” Why Fidelus-Class Service? Because we deliver exemplary service with intentionality, at every opportunity, both internally and externally. 

We understand every interaction with a client or team member is an opportunity to deliver Fidelus-Class Service and to make a positive impression. As relationships develop, every interaction is consciously or subconsciously categorized as either positive or negative. Michael Feiner, in his book The Feiner Points of Leadership, calls these interactions, that happen hundreds of times a day internally and externally,  Hand-To-Hand Combat (HTHC). Knowing these interactions impact relationships and overall performance (individual and company), how do we optimize these transactions with intention at Fidelus? We follow these three simple tenets:

The three tenants of Fidelus-Class Service follow:

  1. Be Responsive
  2. Optimize Communications
  3. Deliver Quality Work

Providing white-glove service is also fundamental to building strong, long-term relationships – another unique differentiator.

More to come on Fidelus-Class Service and we look forward to proving ourselves to you.