Don’t Let Slow Computers Halt Productivity: Employ Managed Services

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How many times have you been in line waiting to register at your doctor’s office or on the phone with a customer service representative for one of your accounts, only to hear them say in frustration, “my computer is running really slow today?” How many times have you heard your own employees say that to each other or your customers? Slowly operating computers are more than just exasperating for the employee – they can kill your team’s productivity, hurt your reputation with customers, and even cause extensive downtime that costs you considerable money. But this problem doesn’t have to be unavoidable – here’s how managed services can help you prevent the dreaded computer slowdown.

Proactive PC Maintenance

The most common cause of a computer moving at a turtle’s pace is due to failure to keep up with PC maintenance needs. Computers need updates and maintenance on a regular basis, but that’s often forgotten or ignored by employees who are busy trying to get their work done. If maintenance issues are put off long enough, the computer will get slower and slower until it’s causing major productivity issues, frustration, and eventually – could stop working altogether.

Managed services providers (MSP) maintain your computer systems proactively. Instead of completing updates and maintenance for your computers only after they’ve started to slow down or have stopped working altogether, your MSP will monitor and update on a schedule that ensures the employees’ productivity is not affected.

24/7 Monitoring for Problems

There are many reasons why a computer will start to slow down over time. Most causes of slow computers can be prevented, if only you knew what to look for! A managed services provider will monitor the network and devices connected to the network for signs of problems and then take action to correct them – often before your employees even notice there is an issue. MSPs commonly discover and fix:

  • Computers that are running out of storage space. Maxing out your computer’s storage space will cause programs to run much slower. MSPs will monitor available hard drive space and ensure there is enough virtual memory for your programs to operate efficiently.
  • Computers that are running too many programs “in the background.”Many programs start automatically when you turn on your computer, but having too many programs running at the same time can cause a computer to run slowly and use up your RAM. MSPs will monitor the performance of your computers and locate programs that are no longer being used, which they will uninstall to free up RAM space.
  • Computers that are running older operating systems.If your office relies on older operating systems, you’re more likely to experience computer crashes and slowdowns. MSPs will help you keep your Windows up to date to prevent performance lags.
  • Computers that are affected by viruses, spyware, or malware. MSPs will take steps to prevent viruses, spyware, and malware, and monitor your systems using anti-virus software to fix such issues that do make it to your computer.

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