Your IT Department is Capable of Doing So Much More with Managed Services Support

Supplementing your existing IT team with the help of a managed services provider is sometimes the key to success. Sometimes we just can’t find the employees to correctly fulfill a position.  Sometimes there is just too much work for the current staff to handle, but not enough to justify hiring an additional employee. Perhaps a particular need is recognized but your expertise doesn’t quite cover the ideal solution. Sound familiar?

Some managed services providers offer very broad support and claim they can do it all – but more robust providers like Fidelus, don’t believe in the “one size fits all” method.  Here, the managed services are split in two areas: Collaboration and Network.  Splitting IT into two separate groups of expertise allows for an easy, more specific extension of your company’s IT team that delivers positive business results.  Your IT team will always remain the final decision maker, and you can pick and choose the services you actually need to grow your business and support your in-house IT department.

Collaboration Managed Services

When your IT team has the support of collaboration managed services (CMS), they have time to focus on more strategic tasks to help move your company forward. For example, when you outsource the monitoring and maintenance of your communication and collaboration systems, your team no longer has to worry about troubleshooting the video conferencing system or phone system while your employees are unable to complete their work. Instead, the CMS team handles it – usually faster and more efficiently than your internal team can – and your IT team can continue to research and develop systems that enable you to reach higher sales goals or get a better ROI on your technology purchases.

When you outsource to managed services providers, your best bet is to select one with 24/7/365 monitoring. You want potential problems identified and remediated long before your employees notice there even is an issue. Keeping your communications systems running is the goal of collaboration managed services because it allows your employees to remain productive at all times. If your internal IT department is attempting to monitor, maintain, and support employees all on their own, the systems are often completely inoperable before they have the opportunity to figure out what is wrong with them. The downtime experienced is costly to the organization both in terms of finances and your reputation with your customers.

Your business depends on the ability to communicate and collaborate through its phone systems, web conferencing, and video conferencing – and probably requires multiple vendors to keep it all operating. Working with CMS providers means your systems are running optimally at all times, and you have only one vendor to deal with. Providers like Fidelus will become your single point of contact for all of your collaboration and communications vendors, saving you time and frustration.

Network Managed Services

Think of managed network services as a physical extension of your IT team. If an issue arises, the network specialists will work you with you identify and rectify the issue as quickly as possible. Most small to medium-sized businesses rely on their Wireless Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, or Local Area Network to run their business. A problem with the network or devices used to access the network can make it impossible to get your work done. Network managed services will monitor your networks around the clock to identify problems, including your firewalls and other security appliances and internet connections, before they affect your employees. One single point of contact with all vendors involved with your network brings you peace of mind and the confidence that your IT environment will be ready to work when you are.

Fidelus Technologies, based out of New York City is a Professional and Managed Information Technology Services company focused on customer success and business efficiency . Our services provide seamless networking, data center, wireless, security and unified communications expertise for medium and enterprise sized businesses.  We have a consultative life cycle approach that includes requirements gathering, assessments, solution design, planning, project management, engineering, adoption and evolution (training) services to fully support the IT needs of your organization.

If you’re looking for more information on how Fidelus can support your organization with proactive managed IT services, please contact us here.