Don’t Waste Time Dealing with Multiple Vendors: One Call Does It All

Fidelus Blog: Having a single point of contact for all of your technology needs prevents you and your team from wasting time trying to get support when something goes wrong.

When you think of managed services, you probably think of the technical functions they provide, from handling day-to-day IT administration and equipment needs to round-the-clock monitoring of your network and computer systems. But as an organization grows and implements new technology, the number of third-party service providers you deal with increases. When something goes wrong, it’s often a frustrating game of phone tag trying to pinpoint which vendor is responsible for supporting that particular problem. You need a common link between all of your vendors, and someone else to handle the problems.

What if you could stop wasting time dealing with multiple vendors and make a single phone call and know the issue will be corrected? The best managed service providers (MSPs) bring a holistic approach to managing IT, helping customers’ business run more efficiently despite the growing complexity of today’s IT environments.

A Liaison Between You and All Your IT Vendors

It’s normal for one vendor to point the finger at another when a problem arises. With all of your IT systems interconnecting, vendors often assume that the cause of the problem is due to another vendor’s product rather than their own. Unfortunately, that means you or your IT team is spending hours on hold with each vendor, getting transferred from one department to another, trying to track down one vendor that will take responsibility and actually fix the problem! You cannot operate your business productively if every situation results in hours of wasted time trying to fix it.

An MSP can put a stop to this wild goose chase by becoming your liaison between your company and your various IT vendors. First, the managed services provider’s staff will isolate the cause of the issues and troubleshoot most problems without needing to call any of your third-party vendors. For problems requiring additional support, the MSP will contact the appropriate vendor and work with their technical staff to quickly resolve the problem.

Product and Brand Recommendations

An MSP that takes over your vendor management responsibilities also benefits your company by recommending products and brands.  Working with a variety of vendors allows them to pinpoint which vendors offer the best support or have the best reputation. Also, the MSP will have a solid understanding of how your business operates and which products will improve your efficiency.

Complete IT Management with MSPs

Having a single point of contact for all of your technology needs prevents you and your team from wasting time trying to get support when something goes wrong. You can’t be productive if your communications systems or network is down and you’re stuck on hold waiting for answers! Get an MSP that includes vendor management to keep your business running smoothly, without unnecessary interruptions.

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