Top Benefits of Outsourced IT Through Managed Services

Businesses of all sizes can immediately benefit from outsourcing IT needs through managed services. Managed services let you outsource the day-to-day management of your network and collaboration technology environment for a cost-effective method of increasing productivity and efficiency.

Manged service providers offer custom programs that are ideal for businesses that:

  • Don’t have enough IT staff or the time to deal with 24/7 network monitoring, maintenance, upgrades, and repairs.
  • Rely on their IT environment, email, internet access, WAN, and database to run their businesses.
  • Prefer a monthly flat rate to handle IT issues rather than unpredictable, often expensive, repairs.

Here are the top benefits businesses experience when they work with managed services providers:

  1. Reduce IT and Labor Costs

Outsourcing IT needs through managed services turns your variable IT costs into fixed expenses so you can budget effectively, and lets you put your existing IT team resources where you need them most while your outsourced team handles the day-to-day needs. Problems are identified and resolved before they become more expensive to repair.

  1. Increase Efficiency

Costs for companies attempting to figure out their own IT services are always higher due to the inefficiencies associated with research, development, and implementation time. Outsourcing helps you increase efficiency and deploy your internal human resources toward reaching business goals while a managed services provider relieves the team from remote helpdesk, monitoring, and maintenance activities.

  1. Faster Implementation

Managed services providers have resources to start new technology projects right away whereas using an internal IT team might need weeks or months to prepare, hire team members, train them, and provide the support needed. For most technology implementations, managed services providers bring years of experience at the start to save you both time and money.

  1. Ensure Experience

Your internal IT staff is qualified for the role, no doubt, but qualification doesn’t equal experience. Managed services providers have worked with many companies and experienced many more problems than an internal IT employee could.

  1. Increase Competitiveness

As a small to medium-sized business, you can’t afford to employ an in-house IT team that rivals that of larger companies. With outsourced managed services, your smaller company can gain access to the same expertise and technology that larger companies enjoy.

  1. One Vendor for Everything

Managed services providers can handle all of your vendors for hardware, software, internet, and telephony services to ensure all of your systems are running optimally 24x7x365.

Fidelus Technologies, based out of New York City is a Professional and Managed Information Technology Services company focused on customer success and business efficiency . Our services provide seamless networking, data center, wireless, security and unified communications expertise for medium and enterprise sized businesses.  We have a consultative life cycle approach that includes requirements gathering, assessments, solution design, planning, project management, engineering, adoption and evolution (training) services to fully support the IT needs of your organization.

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