Use Persistent Group Chat to Optimize Productivity

Use Persistent Group Chat to Optimize Productivity

People hate emails. Seriously. Emails are the devil in the workplace. Sometimes a necessary evil, emails are often forgotten, lost, or flat out ignored. How many times have you sent an email and just never received a response? There is a good chance that you, yourself, have forgotten to respond or even check an email from a coworker, client, customer, vendor, or specialist. With the onslaught of emails being sent to your inbox each day, it’s not surprising over half of office employees are thought to miss at least one email daily.

Enter persistent group chat. When collaborating with coworkers on a particular project, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to converse in a live chatroom that will persistently record conversations? These message board type chatrooms allow for coworkers to address important issues quickly and efficiently. In addition to the live chat feature, there is also an element of retention, making collaboration and communication even easier. Imagine your coworker goes on a two week vacation. You think of something super important to ask him or her.  You send an email so that you don’t forget to touch on the subject when they return from their break. Your email is now smack dab in the middle of hundreds, if not thousands of other emails in the employee’s growing inbox. What are the chances he or she will dedicate the adequate time necessary to read, process, and respond to your very important email?

In the scenario above, consider using a persistent group chat service. You can either type out a quick blurb that your coworker will certainly see upon return or post some information and data for him or her to review and intelligently reply to at their earliest convenience. By making persistent group chat the center of your in-hour business communication, you’re able to create itemized or grouped chat rooms that will ensure the correct people are involved in the correct conversations.

Additional benefits to persistent group chat:

  • There are browser based applications so that employees within the organization can simply log in from any PC on the network to access the group chats they’re a part of. No need for installation of software or heavy IT maintenance when it comes to patches and updates.
  • Expertise sharing. You know that one guy in your organization that has been there forever?  The one who knows everything about that super old process or system that nobody else knows about? Well now that guy has a spot to answer everybody’s questions–without being bombarded with other useless conversations!
  • Search for content! You can use a search field to search for conversations or content across all the chat rooms that you have access to. Perhaps somebody already answered your question or maybe you can’t find that one topic you discussed a few months ago. Searching your email inbox only searches emails you’ve been a part of. Think of how nice it would be to search conversations other members of the company have been a part of for certain keywords… Sometimes the simplest solutions are also the most helpful!

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