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Fidelus Technologies Joins the Zoom Partner Program

With increased demand for cloud collaboration platforms in the past year due to the pandemic, Fidelus Technologies announces their new Partnership with Zoom Video.   For over 18 years Fidelus Technology’s goal is not only to satisfy their clients, but to go the extra mile.  Video communications and Unified Communications, in general, have become one of the most […]

How Unified Communications Can Boost Your Business in 2021

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“Reality…” said Robin Williams, “…what a concept.” Our reality…today, and for the foreseeable future…is that remote, distributed workforces are here to stay; and, that businesses have to deploy tools and digital-friendly processes if they want to remain competitive. Wherever they are, whatever the time and whatever their title, your people have to be able to […]

This Will Be the Next Communications Evolution

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INTRODUCTION In two to three years, our experience communicating digitally (i.e., making and receiving even basic mobile calls) will be very different from our experience today. Communication will be more effective and drive better outcomes. PROBLEM STATEMENT Technology is moving at a blistering pace, from both a physical computing power and software perspective. In conjunction […]

Unified Communications Solutions Are Not a Commodity

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In today’s marketplace, can organizations choose between a broad spectrum of communications software vendors and providers? Are their products and services, in many cases, very similar? Yes.   However, companies are leveraging these solutions to widely varying degrees of effectiveness, and most use them ineffectively. In contrast, the companies taking advantage of these solutions realize significant […]

The Importance of Unified Communications Today – Infographic

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Collaboration Technologies Are Evolving Advances in collaboration technologies are driving efficiencies within companies, enabling them to outpace competition by improving the quality and speed of communication – creating real-time, rich interactions that customers and employees have come to expect. Is Your Business Evolving with Them? Forward-thinking companies are leveraging instant messaging, presence, unified video, screen […]

Fidelus Technologies Lands Three Major UCaaS Wins

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NEW YORK, August 19, 2020 – Three leading professional services firms signed onto Fidelus Technologies Enterprise Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) offering across a total of 23 sites in both domestic and international locations. Fidelus worked with each client to assess their communications requirements and will provide an advanced, integrated solution that streamlines communications […]

Use Persistent Group Chat to Optimize Productivity

Use Persistent Group Chat to Optimize Productivity

People hate emails. Seriously. Emails are the devil in the workplace. Sometimes a necessary evil, emails are often forgotten, lost, or flat out ignored. How many times have you sent an email and just never received a response? There is a good chance that you, yourself, have forgotten to respond or even check an email from a […]

The 3 Elements of an Effective Unified Communications and Collaboration Strategy

The 3 Elements of an Effective Unified and Collaboration Strategy

As businesses begin to transform their communications from telephony to a unified communications and collaboration (UCC) strategy, they achieve the benefits of lower costs and increased productivity. Organizations require strong communications and collaboration for success. It encourages effective interactions between team members and enables remote employees to communicate as though they are in the same […]

Consistent User Experience Improves Communication from Any Location

Collaboration tools should provide steady and consistent utilization no matter the location

User experience matters greatly in all aspects of business but it matters even more when trying to communicate effectively from multiple locations. Your team should have a consistent experience from any location and any device. If the quality of audio or video is substandard, that leaves the door open for miscommunications, poor first impressions with […]