Cisco Is Updating their Collaboration Suite

cisco colaboration

Cisco has announced new products for their collaboration suite, including a 4k Webex Desk Camera, Webex Room Navigator, and a new lower price on the Webex Desk Pro.

Cisco’s product lineup offers collaboration and control, from office conference rooms to remote workstations worldwide. With many employees now working remotely, Cisco’s Desk Pro can be utilized as a great home video conference system. However, this technology comes standard at a higher cost, with a resale price of MSRP $5,990.00. Those not looking to spend thousands on the Desk Pro can now opt for the new 4k Webex Desk Camera.

Cisco has a knack for building quality cameras that handle white light and low light, delivering true 4K and built-in white lighting adjustment for crisp video. The new 4k camera also has enhanced features such as Cisco facial recognition. Cisco’s AI can determine who is in the frame, pull data from the cloud hub to match the presenter’s face, and digitally tag the speaker in real-time. Administrators can easily update and troubleshoot every Webex Desk Camera from the Webex Control Hub, saving copious amounts of time, and allows internal IT teams to focus more on big-picture initiatives.

The all-new Webex Room Navigator comes in two versions, a table-stand or wall-mounted unit, providing complete access to room controls. Both versions deliver a seamless user-experience with their touchscreen application and ability to control Cisco videoconferencing systems and book a room. Additionally, the user interface can be configured by administrators to easily control other room features such as lighting, room dividers, and curtains. The Room Navigator supports the Webex Room Series as well as Webex Board Series. For the most up to date list of Cisco collaboration products, check out:

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