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Empowering the Modern Workforce With Unified Communications

Organizations of all shapes and sizes across the globe are in previously uncharted territory as our modern workforce continues to evolve rapidly with new technologies. This is perhaps especially true when discussing the scramble in recent years to adapt to business changes necessitated by the pandemic. Finding ways to promote positive collaboration, motivation, communication, and […]

How to Boost Your Workplace Productivity and Efficiency With Unified Communication

Communication – it’s the lifeblood of our interpersonal relationships with friends, family, and loved ones, but we often overlook exactly how crucial it is to maintaining effective business relationships as well. In fact, recent studies have shown that 60% of companies lack a long-term strategy for their internal communications while 74% of employees feel that […]

Looking Forward: Industry Predictions for the New Year

  As we said goodbye to another turbulent year, many of us at Fidelus wonder what new changes 2022 might bring. It comes as no surprise to anyone that the two previous years brought with them a rush of digital adoption which ignited unprecedented changes in the unified communications and managed services marketplace as organizations […]

US-Giving: Making a Positive Impact Together

US-Giving: Making a Positive Impact Together The holiday season is often a special time for many of us. It’s an opportunity for us to reconnect with our loved ones, share our affection through the giving of thoughtful gifts, and maybe enjoy a well-earned break after the hustle and bustle of the year. But for many […]