Managed Services Market to Reach $257 Billion by 2022

According to recent research, the managed services market size is expected to grow from 152.45B USD in 2017 to 257.84B USD by 2022, with an annual growth rate of 11.1% during that forecast period. The contributing factors are growing IT infrastructures, the growing number of compliances and the increase in cloud-based adoption of tools and solutions among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The telecom industry for example has seen a substantial rise in the past few years following the rapid development of information and communications technology.  Telecom companies need to consistently innovate to retain customers in a very competitive market, while at the same time tapping into new markets. In order to increase the focus on innovation and efficiency, technology leaders in telecom are outsourcing their IT infrastructure and business needs to IT managed services providers. By using a managed services provider to focus on IT infrastructure, business leaders are able to concentrate on innovating products, improving service and extending their business footprint. Furthermore, partnering with MSP’s benefit telecom leaders by assigning staff for the strategic operations of the company, gaining more efficient network that leverages both network infrastructure and the data center, staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology, and developing and deploying new services more rapidly. Organizations relying on MSP’s to manage their IT needs like network, security, mobility and communication are more nimble and efficient as they can focus efforts on their core competencies instead.

Small and medium-sized enterprises have been known to be slow adopters of managed services in the past. However, with the increasing emphasis on the adoption and utilization of advanced IT technologies, and demand for more secure IT infrastructure, SME’s are predicted to adopt managed services at a faster rate in the next few years than ever before. Although SME’s face unique challenges such as labor costs, budget constraints, and the lack of expertise to manage advanced IT infrastructure and technologies. Managed service providers can provide expert assurance that they can deliver sophisticated management of their IT infrastructure, by monitoring network security, UCC, and disaster recovery to name a few.

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