Why Your Business Needs Video Conferencing

Video conferencing was once only used for major corporations, and even then, it was mostly just the top executives. Today, 76% of organizations use video conferencing solutions in the workplace, and 56% say they participate in video calls on a weekly basis.

Video conferencing offers all businesses a variety of benefits that range from increased productivity, improved collaboration and communications, and reduced business expenses. Cisco’s WebEx Meeting Center is our video conferencing platform of choice as we’re able to offer our Collaboration Managed Services clients integrated audio, video, and content sharing on any browser, mobile device, or video system with the industry-leading conferencing solution. Here are four reasons why your business needs video conferencing:

Competitive Advantage

Video conferencing allows businesses from all parts of the world to engage and conduct business with customers and partners in real time. Your sales force is able to effectively communicate with prospects wherever they may be and can speak with multiple people at the same time, regardless of location. You can also scale your video conferencing needs instantly and cost-effectively. Not only can you save money implementing video conferencing into day-to-day business processes and operations, but having the capability to conduct business all across the world and access to the global marketplace puts your company several steps ahead of those who don’t have that access.

Boost Productivity

Video conferencing improves the ability to communicate effectively, which helps keep projects on or ahead of schedule. Not only that, but video conferencing enhances the employee work/life balance because telecommuting allows employees to stay focused on their jobs and collaborate with co-workers in real time.

Improve Communications

How many times have you been on a conference call and someone didn’t quite understand what another person said? With high-quality video conferencing capabilities, those miscommunications become few and far between. When people can read the faces and nuances of a conversation via video conferencing in the same way they would if they were sitting and interacting face to face, misunderstandings are much less likely, and your meeting results are improved.

Reduce Travel Expenses

Instead of having to send a member of your team, or multiple people on the team, to a location that requires a flight, hotel accommodations, food, and a car rental, you can now just schedule a video conference and save on the lost time and costs due to travel. Video conferencing, especially in crystal clear HD quality, allows you to effectively be in multiple cities across the globe all in the same day. Many companies have realized travel time savings because of the abundance of collaboration tools available within the unified communications systems we provide for our clients.

To put it in perspective, the average cost for five days of travel (including airfare) for a single employee runs about $2,082 annually, according to a new business travel study. Even if your organization only has three or four employees that need to travel regularly for business purposes, those costs can rise to well over $40,000.

You Run the Meetings – We’ll Run the Technology

We manage all of your communication and collaboration systems, including video conferencing, for our customers. This way, you can focus on your meeting agenda and presentations and leave the technology specifics to us.

Fidelus Technologies, based out of New York City is a Professional and Managed Information Technology Services company focused on customer success and business efficiency . Our services provide seamless networking, data center, wireless, security and unified communications expertise for medium and enterprise sized businesses.  We have a consultative life cycle approach that includes requirements gathering, assessments, solution design, planning, project management, engineering, adoption and evolution (training) services to fully support the IT needs of your organization.

If you’re looking for more information on how Fidelus can help with improving your organizations video conferencing and collaboration technology, please contact us here.